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Climate data provided by the Texas Tech West Texas Mesonet


       The Texas Alliance for Water Conservation (TAWC) was formed in 2005. The TAWC program is intended to link research with on-farm demonstration sites that can demonstrate water savings and maintain profitability through the use of alternative production systems, water saving technologies, and management tools that allow the producer to save water and remain profitable. As water continues to decline in the Ogallala Aquifer and water becomes more limited, the ability of our producers to remain both productive and profitable requires closer cooperation between research and our on-farm production systems with improved interaction and information exchange. This project is intended to bridge the gap between research and “real-world” agricultural production systems through a tighter coalition of researchers and producers and is intended to benefit our agricultural community by providing them with alternative strategies and decision aids that are useful and easily accessible.

       The  TAWC Solutions website provides free web-tools that can aid our producers in better management decisions for their crops and livestock that can potentially result in greater water savings. The free web-tools provided through this site are possible due to the partnership between TAWC and the Texas Tech University West Texas Mesonet (WTM). WTM provides the climate data from over 100 weather stations located throughout the West Texas High Plains area that is used in the TAWC Solutions web-tools. The broad scope and coverage area of these stations allows a producer to select the station nearest his farm to better represent the climate most representative of that particular farm’s location.

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2011 Finalist - Texas Environmental Excellence Awards, A program of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

2012 - The Blue Legacy Award in Agriculture.  Awarded by: ’ SAVE TEXAS WATER’, Water Conservation Advisory Council.

2013 - Integrated Water Resources Management Award. Awarded by AWRA

2014 - Texas Environmental Excellence Award winner - Agriculture Category.

2016 - National Water & Energy Conservation Award, Irrigation Association, Las Vegas Nevada.


The Future

     As the Texas Alliance for Water Conservations efforts move forward, we will continue to listen to our producers and strive to provide the necessary information and tools they need in their production decisions while providing alternative strategies of crop, livestock and water management through web-based tools, education and outreach while conserving our precious water and natural resources.


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